About project on SDGs

Sustainable development Goals -SDGs, is a global framework for development since 2015, and it has to be reflected also at the national level.

Since 2014 and post-2015 process LAPAS coordinates the multistakeholder cooperation for SDGs – awareness raising campaigns, gathering of local best practice, analysis and advocacy.

In 2018 Latvia reported in UN about the implementation of SDGs. LAPAS produced a complimentary report on the opinion of NGOs and involvement of the society in the development planning processes. It has been distributed internationally.

In HLPF two representatives took part and participated with interventions in side events. LAPAS director also reported on the Spotlight report with the minister of economics in the panel.

Read Spotlight report here.

In order to promote the awareness raising and glocalise it, LAPAS gathered 34 human stories – two on each SDG – showing how SDGs are already implemented locally in different areas. This also helped to promote the positive attitude towards NGO impact on development.

Stories are available here – you can print them separately.

In order to continue and hold all stakeholders accountable on recommendations in VNR, LAPAS organized the multistakeholder event on SDGs, where more than 40 participants from all stakeholders took part, most of them also presented their opinions.

Awareness raising was also implemented in the national debate’s festival LAMPA were LAPAS organized two events – presentation of best practices and discussion with politicians in the light of the upcoming elections. The festival was attended by 16 000 people.

Global Education Week is one of the central awareness raising events annually. In 2018 it communicated the global development from the lense of fast fashion.

Please find the case study on the best practice on work with SDGs in Latvia here.

The campaign reached more than 20 000 inhabitants.

Project activities are co-financed by European Commission, French Development Agency, Forus, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.