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Pharaoh, Myth and Taxes VS Rich People (Tax Justice Together)

Tax_Justice_Together_Lapasby Kristina Tolordava

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
                                                                                     George Orwell, Animal Farm

Let me be frank and straightforward, because I am going to talk about taxes! Yes, you did not mishear; certainly, I am going to talk about taxes for some time. Firstly, let me introduce myself as a person who has something to do with taxes, most importantly I along with my organization (LAPAS) and many more partners are going to fight global unfair tax system. Sounds heroic, or even foolish, perhaps yes or not at all, I would go for the last proposition. Secondly, I truly hope that you have not closed my blog post already but instead are searching for more information about taxes. If my best hope comes true, then, I think my message has been in good time delivered to you, my dear reader!

Thus, to be short and clear I shall tell you the moral of the story. One scientist decides to explore rich people’s world and gets in a club of wealthy people where ordinary people rarely have the advantage to access. A researcher dedicated eight years of his/her life in doing research on the international wealth management profession. To be even clearer, the researcher was not communicating with rich people themselves but rather with those who secure their wealth I suppose in very ‘warm’ and ‘cozy’ places, so-called Tax Experts or accountants through different ‘mysterious’ mechanisms and those mechanisms often raise many objective questions.

If somebody is interested in reading the article, please do read ( as it is always good to know more about people on the other side of the scene, although on the very important side.

In fact, wealth management industry is very important and visibly closed community as there is no much reflection on it. To elaborate more on that, one hardly may find much information about tax avoidance experts: who they are. What is their background? Indeed, they keep a low profile and mostly appear when their attendance is essential, for instance during the public hearings organized by authorities (httpss://

Also, the researcher cleared the reason of why he/she approached ‘closed group of tax avoidance experts’ in such a way, as she spelled she would not be able to understand global inequality unless she is the one who creates it. Thus, she/he was trained to become a wealth manager for the ultra-rich. During this process, the researcher had constant touch with different top tax experts who willingly shared their stories/experiences and she/he stood as a very good listener. In total, she/he conducted 65 interviews in 18 countries.

Now, let me share something from the article what draw my attention as it sounded to me ridiculous and at the same time absurd.

Here is the thrilling thought said by one ultra-rich person whose name is unknown but I would call him Mr. /Ms. Tycoon. The sensation lies in the opinion of Mr. /Ms. Tycoon who sincerely believes that he/she are descended from the Pharaohs and were destined to inherit the earth. Please, consider the level of ambition or even sanity of this person! Well, I am not the psychologist, neither I have the ambition to pretend that I understand what happens with people when they don’t have another thing to do rather creating stories about being the heir of a pharaoh or other, but surely I know that there must be ways to entertain even most desperately bored individuals. So I have some tips to ‘rescue’ our Mr/MS Tycoon and alike them.

Let’s start from the very first steps, Mr. and Ms. Tycoons come out! Do not play ‘hide and seek’, which can be fun, yet it is children game and let them play it. Then, once you overcome this ‘fear’ and show off let people see who you are, perhaps you will receive hundreds of valuable information from different people, about their lives and/or about their needs. I am certainly sure, that it is even necessary to know what is happening beyond your circle, because believe me, even Pharaoh’s had their trusted people who were delivering information about the mood and needs of the population. Then, imagine, once you left behind fear, you talk and listen to people, then suddenly ‘third eye’ awakens in you and you slowly get to the point that there is one thing which you are ought to do, perhaps, you had to do it much earlier, but you know the saying: better late than never! Therefore, my dear Mr. /Ms. Tycoon, maybe it is late, but I strongly believe that yet you can shake your ‘tiny’ and ‘little’ wallet and pay taxes and finally abandon this very ‘childish’ habit of avoiding them.

As for being a descent of Pharaoh, I have to disappoint you Mr./Ms. Tycoon, as the studies conducted iniGENEA Centre ( some time ago put on the table quite interesting results. According to this research, there is a high possibility that 70% Britons to be descended of Tutankhamun pharaoh. What is more, Britons are not only lucky ones but also Spaniard and French can be considered as descendants. Of course, I completely take any responsibility that these studies are 100% correct and I suppose neither scientists do, therefore, I leave to you some hope to affiliate yourself with a pharaoh, but I have even better story for you, read it below please and now it’s up to you how you will develop it.

So, here is my proposal my dear Mr. /Ms.Tycoon; I think you may well use the story about Romanov dynasty. It is quite possible that you may argue with the certain success that you are a descendant of the Dynasty of Romanov, from daughter’s side, Anastasia. Most probably, you have heard the rumors about the last heir of this dynasty, Anastasia! In fact, there was even a nice animation about her. By the way, I strongly recommend you watching it, as it may give you some ideas about your next story.