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Brīvprātīgo atsauksmes

Kristina Tolordava (Gruzija) LAPAS no 2015. gada jūlija līdz 2015. gada martam:

“LAPAS for me was more than a work since it supported me to broaden my knowledge and understanding. It was a “wake-up call” and a good motivator to believe in positive changes and more importantly to be part of those changes.

As an assistant of Program Manager and Campaigner, I have been assigned to various tasks to perform, namely: a collection of data, analysis of data, writing the articles and blogs. Importantly, I was trained to become a trainer and have conducted training that met our project’s goals. The experience of running the training equipped me with new skills, such as effective sharing of the information and communicating the messages to the intended audience.

Most importantly, I understood what is a development cooperation as such and what is a share of Latvia in this regard and how important are the global issues (Environment Issues, Climate Change, food waste, Gender Equality, Economic and Social Inequality, Issue of Global Tax system etc.), affecting each and everybody. I came to the conclusion of the impacts of major global threats that before were not so visible or significant for me.

Thanks to LAPAS,  I attended numerous interesting seminars and conferences, that, definitely raised my knowledge about development issues.

Definitely, time spent in LAPAS equipped me with practical knowledge about one of the aspects of international relations (IR) – development cooperation, since IR is my primary specialization. Even though I studied it at the University, yet, in LAPAS, I was privileged enough to see how it actually works in practice, how one country – Latvia performs on this matter and what issues it addresses and how implements global goals on a local scale. Lastly, this impression would not have been as bright without professional, friendly and overly positive people I worked with.”

Alejandro Melita (Argentīna, Itālija), LAPĀS no 2016. gada augusta līdz oktobrim:

“My internship at LAPAS was a very rewarding and incredible experience in terms of the invaluable knowledge that I gained and the different things that I did in such a short time. Throughout my two months at LAPAS, I worked on two main projects.

Initially, I was involved in the Tax Justice project and later I also participated in the World Best News project. Some of my job scopes included gathering information on civil society challenges and funding opportunities for Latvian NGOs in priority development countries, transferring materials to the database and blog writing.

One of the most enlightening aspects of my internship experience was that my job was not limited to office work, since I also attended conferences, met with public officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, participated in meetings at the ‘Saeimas’, represented LAPAS at a local event in Jelgava and finally distributed newspapers in the streets.

These varied and enriching activities helped me gain an in-depth understanding of LAPAS work and, at the same time, they provided me with deeper insights into the different types of tasks that I could perform in the future.

Apart from the learning experience, I met some of the most amazing people who made me feel like part of the team since my very first day. These relationships that I forged with my colleagues and fellow interns were certainly my biggest achievements during my time in Riga.”

Kerolaina Pastare (Latvija), LAPĀS kopš 2016. gada jūlija:

“Prakses vieta man ļoti patika – organizācija veiksmīgi darbojas attīstības sadarbības jomā ar vairākām Latvijas NVO. Organizācijā strādā inovatīvi domājoši cilvēki, kas ļāva man daudz kur patstāvīgi iesaistīties, pašai sniedzoties pēc maksimāli laba rezultāta. LAPAS ir laba vieta, kur attīstīties profesionāli, jo praktikants tiek motivēts pilnveidoties un augt, un tiek izaicināts darīt arī līdz tam nedarīto.

Vērtīgākie ieguvumi prakses laikā man nenoliedzami bija spēja ielūkoties Latvijas NVO pasaulē, nesot savu ieguldījumu LAPAS kopīgo projektu un labo darbu īstenošanai.

LAPAS ir lieliska prakses un brīvprātīgā darba vieta, ko es noteikti iesaku arī citiem prakses meklētājiem, jo šajā organizācijā praktikantam palīdz attīstīties, viņu uzskata par pilnvērtīgu organizācijas locekli un iemāca kritisko domāšanu. LAPAS kolektīvs ir ļoti draudzīgs un atsaucīgs.”

Salvatore Messina (Italy) LAPAS from September 2016 to January 2017

“Being part of LAPAS has been a great experience. I had the possibility to see and learn how an NGO works in practice. I took part to many events, I met people and experts from many countries, even from Nigeria, and I had the possibility to gain knowledge and awareness through researches in many fields, such as tax avoidance. I also could express my own opinion by writing blogs and articles about different issues. I would suggest and wish to everybody to have an experience with this organization.”