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TRILOGY: The power of words: awareness | Knowing is owning

ALANA blog introductionBy Alana Do Nascimento, LAPAS intern

I’ve been asked to answer the question: what does it means the power of word to you? The answer didn’t late to come: consciousness.

Information is still one of the strongest weapon we have to understand the world around us and to take action to change it for the better. Critical attitude and discussions are the instruments we usually use or we should use to improve our society, starting from law and policies, ending with our behavior as citizen.

From these simple thoughts it started the idea to realize three different articles about three different topics all bounded together with one purpose: to reflect about awareness.

In the internet’s era we are allow to access a lot of information everywhere at any time but how much we own it? Knowledge enables people to change their perspectives, to own their choices and to change their  habits. Remember that action cannot begin without it.

I’m not a journalist but i’m a citizen who’s trying to share with other ones the little I know and I’m interested in.

So here will follow my efforts to give you something to talk with your friends next time you hang out together.

First article:  Aware about what you wear: a dive into Fast Fashion

Second article: Your privacy matters, stop saying it doesn’t

Third article:  Free knowledge for free people