SDGs for children

Embassy of Sweden and Swedish Institute contributed to the organisation of the Global Education Week (GEW) supporting Re-toy activity.

The activity Re-Toy – “Rotaļlietu  maiņa”, consisted from two events – introductory event on November 15 in Valka and on November 27 in Jelgava.


For the preparation of both events coordinator visited the places and planned together with local partners.

The first event was organised as a kick-off of GEW and test phase of the methodology. In this event 141 child participated. It was organised in close cooperation with the kindergarten Pasacina. Kids experienced toy-swap and also creative workshops.

The second event was aimed at multiplication of the methodology to kindergarten teachers. We received quite high number of applications but due to the possibilities of local travel and space availability the number of participants was 25. Still even far regions like Liepaja, Rezekne were represented.

At the beginning of the workshop LAPAS director gave an overview of the sustainable developement context, SDGs. Then the methodology was presented and two examples – from Valka were kick-off workshop took place and from Jelgava who use similar methodology.

All participants received package of materials – posters, stamps, passes and supportive documents to ensure their multiplication activities in regions.

In the evaluation form organisers state that the event is very valuable from the perspective of organisers and also participants. Also parents expressed very positive remarks about the event as it promoted playfulness, sharing and learning about sustainable lifestyles.

Photos from event in Valka: httpss://


GEW is annual event organised by the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation LAPAS that is aimed to raise awareness on different sustainability issues. Each year GEW focuses on different topic. In 2018 the topic was fast fashion. Usually GEW includes movie screening, workshops and distribution of the newsletter “World Becomes Better Place”. This year usual partners – UNESCO NC, LAPSA, Green Liberty, were extended to new partnerships – Fashion Revolution Latvia and the Embassy of Sweden and Swedish Institute.

GEW is financed mostly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia but also diverse co-finacing is usually raised.

This year LAPAS received very high number of the applications in GEW – more than 80, and finally more than 50 different events took place, in cooperation with schools, culture houses, NGOs, youth centres and libraries.