SDGs for youth

Embassy of Sweden and Swedish Institute contributed to the organisation of the Global Education Week (GEW) supporting two activities – Re-dress and Re-toy.

The event Re-dress Clothes Swap – Drēbju maiņa, was organised within the GEW on November 24 in the cultural center “Kaņepes Kultūras centrs” in Riga, Latvia


The aim of the event was to introduce young people with the methodology of the Re-dress events and support them with materials to organise similar events later in regions.

The event was organised following the methodology of Re-dress events. All supporting materials were prepared to ensure qualitative implementation – signs, visual identity, posters, social media products.


Besides this main activity, we had a vlogger ANETE OZOLIŅA coming talking about capsule wardrobe, what it is and how to implement it our your daily lives. (httpss://

There was stylist giving free advice on people personal style, she helped them discover what suits them the best.

Fashion Revolution branch in Latvia (httpss:// was there with facts and solutions on many aspects in the fashion industry.

At the end of the event, we screened “The True Cost” documentary with short debates afterward.

Photos from the event httpss://