Looking for awareness in unusual forms and places (handout)

This presentation will explore the policy and conceptual implications of 'looking for awareness raising in unusual forms and places'. A sole focus on 'learning' in schools or on education, aid and development organisation led 'projects' in the global North means we may miss new opportunities and dynamics in awareness raising in a time of significant global change. This will be explored by critically reflecting on the presenter's research and practice around social and environmental impact in Sudan and Dubai, on new research on the military in development work and on research on international volunteering and corporate social responsibility. The presentation will also reflect on the importance of acknowledging 'accidental' encounters with development. These examples will provide a platform for discussing how and where we imagine awareness raising and development education, what the problems may be with relocating our understandings and practices, and what conceptual challenges such a change might present. We will also reflect on the opportunities such rethinking may offer in the context of austerity in the global North and the transformation of aid and development politics at a global scale.

Autors: Latvijas Platforma attīstības sadarbībai
Datums: 2014-02-13 10:41:57
Kategorija: Attīstības/globālā izglītība