SDGs coalition

On October 31, 2019, Latvian Multistakeholder SDG Coalition was established in Riga.

NGOs, government, private sector, municipalities, academia, and politicians took part in the launch event and expressed their needs for cooperation.

The context of building Latvian Multostakeholder SDG Coalition

Latvian Multistakeholder SDG Coalition is a continuation of LAPAS work on the Sustainable Development Goals since 2014, when LAPAS has implemented public information and education projects, prepared an additional report on the implementation of the SDG for the Latvian National Voluntary Report to the UN, and provided representation at European and global SDG events.

Operation of Latvian Multistakeholder SDG Coalition

The coalition will be operated informally with the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation as its Secretariat.

Operation principles of the National Coalition

Action lines of Latvian Multistakeholder SDG Coalition are:

  1. Public information and education about SDG.
  2. Supervision and monitoring of SDG implementation.
  3. Promotion of Latvian SDG practice internationally.
  4. Cross-sectoral implementation of the concept of sustainable development.

Members of Latvian Multistakeholder SDG Coalition

Members of the Coalition are individuals and legal entities. To join the Coalition please write to [email protected] with a subject “SDGs Coalition Member”.

Members and active participants of Latvian Multistakeholder SDG Coalition

  • Baltic Environmental Forum
  • Central Statistical Bureau
  • Education Development Center
  • Center for Educational Initiatives
  • State Education Quality Service
  • Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility
  • Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation
  • Latvian Association of University Teachers Cooperation
  • Latvian Librarians’ Association
  • Latvian Corporate Social Responsibility Platform
  • Latvian Rural Forum
  • Latvian Forest Certification Council
  • Latvian Museum Association
  • Latvian National Library
  • Latvian Orienteering Federation
  • Latvian Ornithological Society
  • Union of Local Governments of Latvia
  • Latvian Civic Alliance
  • Latvian University
  • Latvian state forests
  • Latvian Farmers’ Federation
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia
  • Representatives of the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia (deputies)
  • Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia
  • New Hansa Lines
  • Cross-Sectoral Coordination Centre
  • Providus
  • Repair Cafe
  • Riga City Council City Development Department
  • Riga Technical University
  • SSE Riga
  • Swedbank
  • Latvian National Committee for UNESCO
  • Vidzeme University College
  • Green Freedom
  • Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Latvia
  • etc.