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TRILOGY: The power of words: awareness | Knowing is owning

By Alana Do Nascimento, LAPAS intern I’ve been asked to answer the question: what does it means the power of word to you? The answer didn’t late to come: consciousness. Information is still one of the strongest weapon we have to understand the world around us and to take action to change it for the […]

Tax Money Losses in Latvia

By Liene Rozenštrauha, LAPAS volunteer It is a widespread practice for big corporations and businesses to try reducing their expenditures as much as possible, that includes avoiding taxes. The most well-known way to do so, is to register the whole enterprise or its branches in countries with low corporate taxes. Thus the tax money that […]

Tax avoidance

by Salvatore Messina, LAPAS intern In modern world, one of the key actors in global economy are the multinational companies. They are a product of globalization and capitalism and they act like giants in the “game” of competition. Small and medium local companies suffer from this competition and they often aren’t able to survive. At […]

What is LuxLeaks?

by Salvatore Messina, LAPAS intern Luxembourg Leaks (or Lux Leaks) is the name of a journalistic investigation conducted in cooperation by 80 journalists of 26 countries for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. It led to a financial scandal revealed in November 2014. The investigation ended up revealing to the public tax rulings for many […]

The Price We Pay

by Kristina Tolordava Have you ever thought about the price we pay every day? The price we pay for drinks, for food, for clothing or for having TV? etc. The list seems never ending although it may greatly vary from individual to individual, and/or from more consumerist society to less consumerist ones. The aim of […]

Latvians VS Taxes

by Kristina Tolordava   Does taxes matter for Latvians? Interesting question and assumingly many Latvians may be curious to find out the answer on it. If it is so, then this article will shed the light on it and try to draw the overall picture within the limits of available data. In fact, previously there […]

‘Macdac’/’Unhappy Meal’?

by Kristina Tolordava Do you know anybody around you who has not been in Macdac at least once? Unfortunately, I do not. Why, unfortunately, I will explain throughout this paper. I recall my childhood when Macdac was more than just fast food restaurant; it was quite a big event to go to ‘Macdac’ as we used […]

Millenium Ambassadors or Youth in Action

by Kristina Tolordava Have you ever thought to participate in a high-level panel discussion where one of the guests would be Prime-Minister of Latvia and other world leaders? And even more,  that you are not going just to attend the meeting but also discuss the topic with them? Does it sound to you too unrealistic? […]