Quality vs Quantity

The project “Quality vs. Quantity” would be implemented from the 1st of August, 2017 until the 31st of July, 2018. The leading partner of the project “Baltic Regional fund” is from Latvia and the two other partners are “Inovatyvi karta” from Lithuania and “Wise Veer” from Estonia. In a survey done in Latvia from 110 youngsters aged 13 to 25 only 25% stated that they consider their diet healthy, 18% stated that they know how to lead a healthy life, and 53% percent stated that they would like to live healthier. This shows that the majority does not have sufficient knowledge, understanding, ambition or skills to live in a healthy manner. The main topic of the project is healthy lifestyle, about quality over quantity. Activities implemented in this project would raise the question of the physical and spiritual unity in youth. Physical, spiritual, emotional and social development and well-being is the foundation for a harmonious life, thus it is crucial to raise awareness and practice healthy life and lifestyle principles: - Practicing regular physical exercise and outdoor activities - Training and sharpening the mind. Always learning and experiencing. - Being socially active, presently communicating with family, friends and peers. - Maintaining a positive attitude and a sense of control towards your life. - Manage stress - Eat healthy and keep a balanced diet - Observe and listen to your body, watch your weight - Getting enough rest according to your own sleep cycle - Not hesitating to seek medical help if it is needed and regularly checking your health. The activities would be implemented by initiative groups of the three countries, 4 young people and a leader from each country. It is estimated that each country would reach and involve at least 200 young people, with all the activities altogether involving no less that 600 young people, of which 60 would be youngsters with lesser opportunities. Aims of the project: 1) Understand the fundamental principles of the concept of a healthy life and how it affects the life of youngsters and to practice these principles daily. 2) Raise awareness about healthy lifestyle and invite youngsters to live more healthy and to think more of their health. 3) Provide youngsters with safe and appropriate environment to implement their own initiatives and develop personal and professional competences through practicing the peer education method “peer to peer”. 4) Promote the understanding and develop competences for entrepreneurship, including raising awareness and encouraging the principles for social entrepreneurship through healthy lifestyle. 5) Promote the Erasmus+ programme and the opportunities it provides. To reach the aims of the project there will be a succession of activities, public events - flash mobs, presentations, contests, meetings with experts, visiting schools and youth centers, discussions, educational workshops about balanced lifestyle which includes the education for body, mind and emotional condition. The activities would be implemented through means of non-formal education methods “learning to learn”, “learning to be”, “learning to be with others”, “learning by doing”.

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Datums: 2018-03-29 11:47:40
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