Social and Emotional Education and Development: upscaling awareness and skills in ECEC practice (SEED)

The overall goal of the SEED project is to improve psychosocial well-being and healthy development of young children, with an emphasis on those growing up in difficult circumstances such as children on the move, children with a low socio-economic status or children victims or witnesses of domestic violence. We will do so through raising awareness about and measure the psychosocial well-being of children in 5 countries. Based on the findings, we will develop and pilot an innovative continuing development programme to build practitioners capacities to support psychosocial well-being. All these activities will lead to quality improvements in Early Expected results on completion of the project are as follows: 1) Practitioners have the skills and knowledge to promote and nurture young children’s psychosocial development (2,5-6 years). 2) Concrete improvements in quality and inclusivity of ECEC services in 5 EU countries. 3) Important stakeholders (governments, education and care services, NGOs, teacher training institutes and parents) recognize the importance of psychosocial wellbeing of young children and influence policy and practice. 4) Population level data on psychosocial well-being of 5 year old girls and boys are collected and analysed in 5 EU countries. 5) An innovative CPD approach based on ECEC practitioner group reflection is developed and tested and ready to be transferred to other contexts. Paying more attention to young children's feelings and social relationships leads to happier learners who have a better and a more equal chance to fullfil their potential!Childhood Education and Care systems and services in Europe.

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Datums: 2018-03-29 12:00:38
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