Roundtable discussion on illiberal democracies and media

“Discussion ”O, Fact-based voiceless one-liner – Where Art Thou?””

Date and place: July 1 12:00-13:30, stage APGAISMO, Conversation Festival LAMPA, Cēsis, Latvia

Participants: around 43 persons (live), but it is still possible to watch the discussion in

Read the article from Gustaf Antell (Finland) on main points and conclusions from the discussion.

Round table description:

I am a journalist and I am on your side. I interview the best experts, I am tough against politicians and I try to understand the most urgent social and economical problems we have.”

Apparently, journalists are missing something crucial as so many people are angry at us. They say that the media is not listening and that ordinary people are left without a voice.

But mainstream media actually do meet the voiceless. There are long articles in the newspapers and online, there are countless of documentaries on TV about the struggles of real people.

Please help us. How can we keep news journalism relevant?

Moderator: Gustaf Antell is a Swedish-speaking Finnish journalist living in Estonia since 2003. He´s been working as a freelance Foreign News Correspondent for the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle´s Swedish-speaking news department for almost 20 years. His main assignment has been covering the Baltic countries, but his expertise lies as much in covering topics like peacebuilding, conflict resolution and sustainable development as a peace journalist.

Participants of the panel discussion – journalists and media experts from Poland, Hungary, Estonia and Latvia.

Anna Žabicka (Latvia), social antropologist

Dario Cavegn (Estonia) Swiss-born Editor-in-Chief at ERR´s English-language news service. After years of teaching English and German, Dario first took up copywriting and then moved on to journalism. He has run Estonian Public Broadcasting’s English-language news portal,, since early 2016.

Dorota Głowacka (Poland)- Coordinator of the Observatory of Media Freedom in Poland. Lawyer at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Poland working on freedom of expression and right to privacy issues. Coordinator of the HFHR’s ‘Observatory of Media Freedom in Poland’ project, specifically focused on increasing protection related to freedom of expression in both traditional media and on the Internet. Dorota is also a PhD candidate at the International Law Department at the University of Lodz. She’s worked as a national expert in the FRANET research network within the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) and a coordinator of the working group on data protection and privacy rights in the project “HELP in the 28” run by the Council of Europe.

Anita Kőműves (Hungary)- Hungarian journalist specializing in International relations, data, cyber,  surveillance & security issues       Anita is working for investigative non-profit Átlátszó ( For more than a decade she worked for the daily newspaper Népszabadság. She recently spent one academic year as a Fulbrighter in Washington, D.C., where she studied investigative reporting and was an intern with The Washington Post.

Jānis Polis (Latvia)-             Latvian blogger and IT-expert who researches networks behind fake media.


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