Glocalization methodology

The framework of the glocalization methodology is created by two global and interconnected processes: the new development paradigm that is based on a wider understanding about the development cooperation sphere, and the new Sustainable development goal (SDGs) framework that continues the post-millennial goal (postSDG) process. Glocalization in these processes is not only the fundamental principle for execution, but also the driving force for the development of communities (especially rural) and balanced development in a global world.

Glocalization methodology is a successful tool for the development of interest groups and communities because it helps to improve the skill of community representatives to simultaneously think globally and act locally when making decisions related to the everyday life of the community. Methodology has significant potential in the creation of a coordinated society, as the glocalization process facilitates the development of the civic coordinated creation of local and global community, balancing development and decreasing the gap between individual and community, country and city, EU member countries and countries with various level of development around the world

In the first section – theoretical stops and viewpoints of glocalization for the longevity of everyday life and development cooperation – we share information about terms characteristic to glocalization and their understanding, about the processes forming glocalization, about the link between the terms describing glocalization and their understanding and about the concepts characteristic to glocalization in development cooperation.

In the second section – topicality of glocalization in politics, education, development of communities, society and everyday life in Latvia – we inform about the global dimension in the Millennium development goals and Sustainable development goals and about glocalization as the position of LAPAS in development cooperation and global education.

In the third section – diversity of substance of the glocalization experience and improvement of comprehension about glocalization – we describe a view of the glocalization method from a theoretical viewpoint and the methodical materials for the improvement of glocal comprehension, experience and participation.

In the fourth section – examples of good practice for the improvement of society’s comprehension about glocalization – we describe glocalization examples in various contexts and inform about glocalization in individual and collective experience and in various purposeful activities.

Full Version of the Glocalization Methodology