During her first pregnancy, Judith Muntahli was bitten by a snake. By the time she got to the hospital, infection had set in and her leg had to be amputated. With no access to contraception, Judith carried nine more pregnancies on one leg using crutches. Sadly, her 10th child died when he was just a month old.
2016-02-12 15:39:07
Ģimenes plānošana un seksuālā veselība
In some more conservative areas in India, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) is considered a taboo subject, and discussing these subjects openly, particularly by youth, is a concept that has taken a while to accept. However, the difficulty or novelty of this situation did not prevent these Indian young women from working as peer leaders with the Action Project in order to pass on information about child marriage, pregnancy, contraception, HIV prevention and care, STIs and other aspects of sexual health to youth in their village.
2016-02-09 12:36:13
Ģimenes plānošana un seksuālā veselība