Rio+20 Outcomes Document: The Future We Want

The document calls for a wide range of actions including: • launching a process to establish sustainable development goals; • detailing how the green economy can be used as a tool to achieve sustainable development; • strengthening the UN Environment Programme and establishing a new forum for sustainable development; • promoting corporate sustainability reporting measures; • taking steps to go beyond GDP to assess the well‐being of a country; • developing a strategy for sustainable development financing; • adopting a framework for tackling sustainable consumption and production; • focusing on improving gender equality; • stressing the need to engage civil society and incorporate science into policy; and • recognizing the importance of voluntary commitments on sustainable development.

Autors: Latvijas Platforma attīstības sadarbībai
Datums: 2014-02-12 01:04:42
Kategorija: Vispārīgi jautājumi